Harvest Eve - Celebrating Family
a positive alternative to halloween that brings people and communities together on October 31 
As a child, Halloween was my favorite night of the year. It was such a fun time of dressing up, getting candy, seeing friends and neighbors. When I became a parent, I was much more tuned in to the negative messages associated with Halloween especially connected to the occult and violence. We love family history so created a way for our children to enjoy to good things about Halloween without including the negative or controversial. 

In many traditions, there is some sort of harvest festival associated with giving thanks and celebrating the abundance of the fields. Harvest Eve is loosely based on the ancient Hebrew festival of the "Feast of Booths" that is similar to our Thanksgiving. Some families may be interested in following the weekly structure for "Around the Table" in the weeks between Harvest Eve and Thanksgiving as a preparation of thankful hearts.

Harvest Eve is for everyone. It is a celebration of family, faith, and community. It is a good reason to dress up in fun costumes and walk around the neighborhood gathering candy. With all the things that we differ on as a society, there needs to be at least one night a year that we enjoy what brings us together. Happy Harvest Eve!

Bob Ayres
Louisville, KY

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