Harvest Eve - Celebrating Family
a positive alternative to halloween that brings people and communities together on October 31 

Format for Introducing Concept to Students


Step 1) Students select characters

  • involves researching options
  • ask parents for ideas

Step 2) Research characters

  • check out books from the library
  • Internet search
  • interview someone who knows information

Step 3) Produce materials

  • poster and presentation
  • costumes
  • character cards

Step 4) Harvest Eve traditions

  • ancient Harvest festivals common in many cultures
  • Feast of Booths (Hebrew Festival)
  • On October 31 - all the characters are coming to visit to enjoy the feast!
  • They stop by houses to gather treats for the celebration by knocking on doors and saying, "Happy Harvest Eve!"
  • When people give candy or treats then the guests show their appreciation by giving out "character cards" that tell about their characters.

Step 5) Preparation for Thanksgiving

  • We have a great variety of people, cultures, languages, and customs that make up the populous of our country.
  • Freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom to excel based on merits without hindrance
  • focus on the things for which we are grateful
  • There is an option family guide available for discussing the family history.

Harvest Eve Characters

Suggested categories

Historic figures
Scientists and Inventors
Historic Nobility
Writers & Artists
Political leaders
Civil Rights Leaders
Biblical characters
Careers (professor, nurse, construction worker)

Fictional characters
Fantasy characters
Mythical characters

Comic book characters


Family heritage
Famous people to whom you are related
Notable relatives
Eras in family history (coming to America)

Ethnic heritage
Traditional dress
Family heritage
Famous people in other countries

Please avoid characters of violence or the occult. If a child wants to portray a witch, goblin, or similar character, tie this in as a fictional character of fantasy or legends. No child will be made to feel self-conscious for their character selection but please avoid the Jason and Freddy-type characters.



"Around the Table"

A Family Discussion Guide in preparation for Thanksgiving.


Harvest Eve

Sample Letter to Parents

Dear Parents,

Halloween is one of the favorite nights of the year for many children. It is a thrilling time to put on a costume, go trick-or-treating, and eat lots of candy! Many of us have fond memories of Halloween from our childhoods.

As you may be aware, the holiday itself is somewhat controversial. Many parents will not allow their children to participate in Halloween for religious reasons. Others are particularly concerned about themes of violence. All of us are interested in the overall safety of the children.

This year, our classroom, along with others in the school, is celebrating "Harvest Eve" as a positive alternative for Halloween. Harvest Eve is a holiday developed by an educator and father of five children. It keeps the best aspects of Halloween while removing themes of violence and the occult. I believe this will be an exciting alternative that contains many positive educational benefits as well.

Harvest Eve prepares children for Thanksgiving through the sharing of stories of our families, cultures, fiction, and heritage. We will have classroom activities and homework that helps children choose a character from history or fantasy. You can learn more about this holiday celebration at www.harvest-eve.com

Please let me know if you have any questions. I believe this will become a fun and educational part of the year. As you will likely hear your children say on the last day of October, "Happy Harvest Eve!"


(Your name)

An added bonus...

Pop's Teasers are riddles written in the context of an fictional family, the Troy and Rosalie Corn family. They are intended to encourage creative thought, discussion and enjoyment.  There is tremendous value in exercising one's ability to think sequentially and to solve problems.  There are strong positive values communicated in the text as well.  The key questions in each teaser are in bold type.  As an additional bonus, the children or students can draw the Corn family tree from the information included in the teasers. This is a great connection with the Harvest Eve celebration.
Click here for a free, printable copy of Pop's Teasers.




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