Harvest Eve - Celebrating Family
a positive alternative to halloween that brings people and communities together on October 31 


This New Harvest Eve

Celebrate Your Heritage

By Bob Ayres


On the last day of October as the wind begins to blow,

I look out my bedroom window in the early evening glow.

Thinking of the coming eve when I will soon become,

a knight from a land across the sea,

of justice, pride, and chivalry,

defend what's right and then I'll be,

rewarded by the king for a job well-done.


Celebrate my history,

Celebrate your history,

Celebrate our history,

On this new Harvest Eve.


Down the street, we see and greet, many new people on our way.

Some from a book, cartoon, or legend; others from a dramatic play.

I see an African princess, inventors, musicians and more!

A scientist and a movie star, and a soldier from a distant shore.

They each leave behind a note that tells their history.

We all have such great fun

and learn from everyone!

So when the evening is finally done,

we eat our gathered candy on this new Harvest Eve.


Celebrate my heritage,

Celebrate your heritage,

Celebrate our heritage,

On this new Harvest Eve.


The night is finally over and I lie upon my bed,

Memories of the Harvest Eve are dancing in my head,

Somehow I feel a part of the past and part of the future, too.

Harvest Eve, O Harvest Eve,

Celebrate our history

Weave together a tapestry,

The stories of our families,

A sense of our community,

So on this night I want to say,


"Happy Harvest Eve"

to you,

and you,

and you!

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